Viton® Service kit for APEKS 1st Stage SGAP 0241 (2nd updated)

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SG Viton® Service kit  for APEKS regulator 1st Stages specially developed for Pure Oxygen applications

Safety Notice! Treat ALL O-rings and parts prior to Pure Oxygen use, with an oxygen-cleaning solution.

  • This kit covers all Apeks regulator Diaphragm type 1st stages O-rings except Status models
  • Actual size diagram Included
  • As O’ring part no AP1420    
  • As O’ring part no AP1409 x 7   
  • As O’ring part no AP1410 x 2   
  • As O’ring part no AP1438  
  • As O’ring part no AP1299   
  • As O’ring part no AP1445 x 2   
  • As O’ring part no AP1300
  • As O’ring part no AP1166
  • As AP1419, AP1478, AP1472, AP1482, AP1502

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