Application Guide

ProductsIndicative Application Guide
003Submersible pressure gauge/consoles: internal swivel seal
004Older internal swivel seal models; AT-PAC BC's Power inflator control Sherwood 6121-122, Apeks id: AP6403
005Seal used in older depth and tank "stem" gauges
006Common seal in regulator balance chambers; Power inflator stems; CO2 detonators; SAS gland seal .Sherwood 5121-101,6500-118, scubpro1.050.117,mares 46110101,Apeks ID:AP1299
007Regulator piston ring; small HP seal ,Sherwood G007A
008Sonic regulators; Regulator piston ring; small HP sea, Sherwood 6110-129, Scubapro 1,050,126
009Seal in open-tube depth gauges, Sherwood 6121-135,6400-113
010 Regulator hose: swivel end; Piston barrel HP seal; 2nd stage orifIce seal; Valve stem seals; Early calupso Regulators; Power inflators stems;Sherwood 5121-104,6110-119,6161-101,6121-137,Scubapro1,050,351,Mares 46110107, APEKS ID:AP1154
011Regulator hose: male end; Regulator port plugs LP; Hose adapters; J-regulators; Early replacement HP seats; Captured HP outlets; Piston HP barrel BC hose coupler, Scubapro 1,050,351,Mares 46110107, Sherwood 5121-103,APEKS:AP1409
012 Console/gauge hoses: male end; Underneath filter; Hose adapters; HP seat seal; LP swivel cap; HP port plugs, Scubapro 1,050,145, Mares 46110108, 46110110,APEKS :AP1445
013Piston seat seal; Survivair manifolds; Power inflator seals; Common in aluminium cylinder valve to yoke regulator seals Sherwood 6400-115, Scubapro 1,050,147, Mares 46110215,APEKS :AP1410
014 + 2nd stage inlet fittings; J-regulators; Common in aluminium cylinder valve to yoke regulator,Sherwood 5121-105, scubapro 1,050,347, Mares 46110211,APEKS :AP1159
0151st stage inlet fittings; HP seal retainer seal; J valve module; Valve HP plugs; 2nd stage barrel and housing plug seals,Shewood 5121-106, Scubapro1,050,158,APEKS :AP1267
016Old 1/2" NPS valves; 2nd stage inlet fittings; SAS LP seats; J-regulators; HP module seal; Valve HP plugs; 2nd stage barrel and housing plug seals; Paintball Guns; M18X1,5 Valves,Sherwood 6400-125,6500-129,scubapro 1,050,160
017Regulator piston ring and cap; Dacor HP module,Scubapro 1,050,160, 1,050,162, Mares 46110225
018Regulator piston ring (1970's); 2nd stage inlet seal; Body plug seal
019Healthway / USD / Sherwood industrial piston regulator,APEKS :AP1438
020Regulator piston ring (USD & SAS) Sherwood 6400-102
021Regulator piston ring
022Common regulator piston ring; Body plug seals; Paintball guns, Sherwood 5110-107, Scubapro 1,050,177
023Regulator LP swivel seal; Body plug seals Sherwood 6110-131,6400-107
024Piston cap seals (USD); SAS 1st stage Sherwood 6110-125,APEKS :AP1420
025Gauge lenses, Sherwood5110-109
026For Suunto C3,Cobra,EON, VIPER,FAVOUR,AIR LUX Computers
027Scubapro part no 1,050,164
106Sherwood part no 5121-102
107Sherwood part no 6121-129
109Scubapro part no 1,050,385
110Old double manifolds; Spearguns
111Australian/ Nemrod valves; BC inflators; DIN regulator seals Sherwood 6400-138, Scubapro 1,050,193;1,050,428, Mares 46110247, APEKS :AP1166
112Steel tank valve; Basal DIN seal ,Scubapro 11,361,115
113Aquarius piston ring / cap seal; Healthway regulators
114Early piston models; Paintball Guns
115AMF HP module; BC fittings
116Genesis tank valve; BCD Inflator Mechanisms; Paintball Guns
211Early BC fittings
213Early BC fittings
214Cylinder to 3/4 valve seal; Cylinder to M25X2 valve Seals
215Cylinder to M25X2 valve Seals
610BCD internal hose o-ring clip end
2,4 x 1,9 ROScubapro part no 1,050,317
24 X 2For Suunto C6,Zander
36 X1.5For Suunto C9 and D9
39 X 1 For SUUNTO C1, Stinger, Spider computers
39 X 1.50For Suunto C8 and D4
15 X 4.00Mares part no 46200559
902Scubapro part no 1,050,293
903Sherwood part no 6121-141
905Sherwood part no 6400-135
906Sherwood part no 6110-115 & 6121-104
119Mares Spear Gun
27 x 1,3For Aeris F10 diving watch
1,7 x 1.0For APEKS regulators
1.95 X 1.0Sherwood part no 6500-112
2.20 X 1.0Scubapro part no 1,050,363
2,5 x 1.0For APEKS regulators