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SCUBAGASKETS aim to provide quality products related to scuba diving o-rings, scuba spare parts, compressors parts service kits and other relevant accessories. Scubagaskets has introduced several specialized new lines of Scuba O Rings, like Viton O-rings for pure oxygen, developed by the world leading manufacturer

Europe-Seals B.V

With more than 30 years of experience in different O-ring markets and seals including Aerospace, Automotive,  Semiconductor industry, and water applications Europeseals provide the highest product quality standards often required in the scuba diving Industry. Our aim is “added value” not only logistics but moreover technical reliability and safe products for our customers.

With more than 960 different products and our global shipping policy, we believe that we provide a valuable service to any scuba diving center or scuba dive-related professional globally.!

Some of Scubagaskets o-ring advantages in brief are:

SPECIALISATION We are STRONGLY FOCUSSED on the Scuba diving market, with high application knowledge and always the best technical solution for each demanding application. We have developed in cooperation with Europe-Seals B.V. specific types of material and grades after studying the conditions of use in SCUBA equipment. The leading concept is to use the right O ring with the best possible material, to guarantee safety and maximization of the Lifetime of the seals.

MANUFACTURING QUALITY The O rings are produced according to ISO 9001 and 6 Sigma production systems including automatic final quality control systems. The O rings have almost all possible existing international water approvals, NSF, WRC, KTW, and various EN approvals in place. Europe Seals BV has signed a “monitoring contract” according to DVGW W534 with the independent German Laboratory MPA in Dortmund. That means Extra Quality Control through an independent Institute. We are using the highest quality special NBR grades in the market available, FKM materials ONLY genuine Viton(TM) of DuPont Dow Elastomers for our SCUBA equipment.

PRACTICALITY Products are pre-packed in quantities of 10 or 50 O-rings per size. Moreover, it is not possible to mix different qualities or sizes. Allows the user to define the quantity he needs to have in stock, by buying specific o-ring sizes in bulk quantities, yet pre-packed in practical containers.

QUALITY ENHANCEMENTS We are using solid plastic containers with safety sealing to ensure quality and traceability is maintained from the original packing to the end-user. At any stage (our Warehouse as well as the end-user storage location) Scubagaskets packaging protects the elastomer material from UV light and mechanical damage that may potentially alter the sealing properties of the O-rings.

SERVICE Very short delivery time, all sizes in various materials: Quick supply from stock. Fast, full technical support from the experts at Europe-Seals B.V.

In our industry we need to have the best possible sealing solution in place to assure safety, therefore we feel confident that our products are in your best interest and you will decide to buy from our company.

The Science of Scuba O-Rings!