Viton®Scuba O-Rings 75Sh-2.20×1.00
August 22, 2018
Pure Oxygen Viton
Viton®Green O-rings 75Sh-011
August 23, 2018
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L.P. Inflator Hose Bull clip Viton®Green O-rings-610 Sh75

19.99 + vat

Viton Green O-rings Sh75-610

  • Qty: 50 O-rings
  • Rated for 100% Oxygen 
  • ID X CS: 6,75 mm x 1,78
  • MARES part no: 46110106

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    BCD Hose O-Rings NBR 70Sh-011

    BCD Hose O-Rings NBR 70Sh-011

    • Qty: 50 O-rings
    • ID X CS : 7,6 X 1,7 mm
    • Used For Regulator hose: male end; Regulator port plugs LP; Hose adapters; J-regulators; Early replacement HP seats; Captured HP outlets; Piston HP barrel BC hose coupler
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  • scuba tool

    Bull clip LP Hose O-ring insert tool

    Bull clip O-ring insert tool of LP BCD hose.LPI ** New improved version** 

    • Time saver tool. By using this tool the correct installation of the inner BCD hose o-ring is achieved.
    • With hand groves for better grip
    16.99 + vat