Oxygen Stage Regulator set NSGT2


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Coming soon ScubaGaskets Oxygen Regulator Set NSGT2 

  • The set include NSTG2 one 2nd stage regulator with hoses 75cm and 1 STG2 1st stage
  • Type: Balanced Piston Scuba First Stage Regulator
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The NSGT2 is a high-performance and fast-response balanced piston design first
stage, it’s beautifully machined from special grade 316 SS. The S2 offers superior
corrosion resistance. The HP seat is made of a stable PFA material from Japan, With 316
SS filter for long life, and requires no frequent maintenance, just simple ultrasonic
cleaning. It’s corrosion-resistant and good finish process inside and out. No burrs fall off,
and no sharp edges that can damage the seat and o-rings over time. Low-pressure port
swivel assembly for versatile positioning. The NSGT2 2nd stage is a downstream balanced adjustable regulator. With
Venturi flow and breathing resistance adjustments. The Air shaft is made of 316 SS, Food
grade silicone mouthpiece with a reusable mouthpiece clamp.

1ST stage Spec:

  • Connector: DIN type.
    Weight: DIN type – 522g(1.15lb)
    High pressure port: (7/16″ 20W UNF) x 2
    Low pressure port: (3/8″ 24W UNF-2B) x 5 on swivel turret
    Intermediate pressure: (8.5-9.5 Bar)
    Color: Green.
    Air supply  4500 PSI(300bar) for DIN
    Material: Marine grade 316 stainless steel body and components, SUS springs
    CE Approval

2nd Stage specs:

  • Balanced adjustable second-stage regulator.
    Intermediate pressure: 10 Bar/150 PSI.
    Inhalation effort: 1.2-1.5 CIW (Column inches of Water).
    Easy-grip dive/pre-dive switch.
    Second stage adjustment knob: Fine-tunes inhalation effort.
    Weight: 237g (0.52lb)
    Faceplate Color: Green
    Main materials: GF Enhanced PA, SUS 316 main body.
    Food-grade silicone mouthpiece


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