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  • H.P Carbon Miflex hose 60cm

    H.P carbon miflex hose 60cm
  • Internal O-ring tool set for Scubapro MK5, MK6, MK10

    Used to insert O-ring into the main body of 
    a Scubapro MK10 first stage.
    With this tools the job is done in a matter of seconds.
    Place 2 of the parts of this tool set on the top and 
    bottom of the first stage body and push the O-ring 
    into its place with the small rod of the tool set.
  • Mares combined HP seat removal and installation tool

    Two tools for the price of one. With this tool you can remove or assemble the HP seat in Mares diaphragm first stage body’s (MR22 and MR12) because of the soft material you will not scratch or damage the metal parts of the first stage.
    With the other end of the tool you can easily remove the HP seat.
  • Miflex BCD Hose 65cm

    High Quality Miflex BCD hose 65cm
  • Miflex Octopus Regulator Hose 100cm

    High Quality Miflex octopus regulator hose 100cm
  • Miflex Regulator Hose 75cm

    High Quality Miflex regulator hose 75cm
  • Miflex Technical Hose 200cm

    High Quality technical hose 200cm
  • Mini Tank keyring-NBR-Air

    • Built in O-ring pick tool
    • 6 x NBR -112
    • 6 x NBR -014
  • Mini Tank key ring- Viton 100% O2

    • Built in O-ring pick tool
    • For 100% Oxygen 
    • 5x Green FKM -112
    • 5 x Green FKM -014
  • Mini tank keyring-VITON -Nitrox

    • Built in O-ring pick tool
    • For Nitrox  
    • 5x Black FKM O-rings -112
    • 5 x Black FKM O-rings -014
  • O-Ring pick tool


    Plastic Tool for o-ring removal

  • Pipes for Polaris Valves M 25 x 2

    • Stainless steel Pipe 
    • Used For Polaris M 25 x 2 Valves 
  • Poseidon Jetstream and Xstream valve housing O-ring installation

    This tool is used to correctly assemble the internal parts of your Poseidon Jetstream first stage (model; 3720 and 3790).

    The part is used as a fixture for the following parts:

    • Valve center with O-rings
    • Valve seat with O-ring
    • Valve piston
    • Spring
  • Scubapro DIN retaining knob O-ring installation bullet

    DIN retaining knobs have big and sharp threats and putting an O-ring over these threats most of the time damages the O-ring.By using this small bullet the job is done quick while  O-ring is still in perfect condition.
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