Piston cup seat for Zeagle scuba 1st Stage regulators
May 11, 2019
Beuchat service kit 1st stage V2-V3-V30 VFIRST. Ref :16541
August 18, 2019
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Scuba O-Rings NBR-70Sh-20 x 2


Scuba O-Rings NBR-70Sh-20 x 2

  • Qty: 50 O-rings
  • NBR Sh70- ID X CS : 20 X 2 mm
  • Used on scuba tank valves 

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  • Tribolube® 2080-2Oz Tube Scuba Lubricants


    Tribolube® 2080-2Oz Tube

    Silicone grease compounds Not for use in OXYGEN SERVICE.
    Used widely in the SCUBA industry in non-oxygen applications
    Some consumers are switching to these greases to replace the silicones they are currently using.

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  • nbr70

    Scuba O-Rings NBR 70Sh-014


    Scuba O-Rings NBR 70Sh-014

    • Qty : 50 O-rings
    • ID X CS : 12,4 X 1,7 mm
    • Used for + 2nd stage inlet fittings; J-regulators; Common in aluminium cylinder valve to yoke regulator
    • Similar to Sherwood part no: 5121-105
    • Similar to Apeks AP1159
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  • nbr90

    O-Rings NBR Sh90-214 for tank neck


    Scuba Tank neck O-Rings 90Sh-214

    • Qty: 50 O-rings
    • For neck air scuba tanks
    • ID X CS : 24,9 X 3,5 mm
    • Used for Cylinder to 3/4 valve seal; Cylinder to M25X2 valve Seals
    • Scubapro part no:01.050.259
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