Scuba O-rings NBR Sh70
Beuchat O-Rings NBR 70Sh-part no :225048
October 2, 2018
Beuchat O-rings NBR 90Sh-part no:7025
October 2, 2018
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Beuchat O-Rings NBR 70Sh-45004

13.95 + vat

 O-Rings Beuchat part no-45004

  • Qty: 50 O-ring
  • NBR Sh70 
  • Beuchat part no: 45004

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    Regulator hoses also need new O-rings during service but due to sharp threats, many of these O-rings get damaged at the installation process. Using this tool the O-rings stay in perfect shape, just place the tool over the hose and slide the O-ring in place.

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