epdm o-rings
Scuba O-Rings EPDM 70Sh-for AP/AQUA SG1438
March 12, 2020
epdm o-rings
EPDM 70Sh-for APEKS SG1154, Aqualung SG444243
March 12, 2020
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EPDM O-rings 70Sh for AP SGAP1267 and Aqua SG124706

11.99 + vat

EPDM 70Sh O-rings for AP and Aqua as SG-AP1267,SG-124706

  • Qty: 50 O-rings
  • Used for 1st stage inlet fittings; HP seal retainer seal; J valve module; Valve HP plugs; 2nd stage barrel and housing plug seals

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