Pure Oxygen Viton
Viton®Green O’rings Sh90-116 for M18x1.5 Tank Valve
April 23, 2018
Pure Oxygen Viton
VITON®Green O-rings Sh90-012
April 23, 2018
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Viton®Green O’rings Sh90-003 HP Swivels

19.99 + vat

Viton® Green O’rings Sh90-003 for HP Swivels

  • 50 O-rings
  • Rated for 100% Oxygen 
  • ID X CS : 1,42 X 1,52 mm
  • Used for HP Hose ;Submersible pressure gauge/consoles: internal swivel seal

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  • SPG o-ring installation tool

    HP swivel O-ring installation assist tool set SPG

    HP swivel O-ring installation assist tool set

    The HP swivel is a tiny part and most of the time it is difficult to put O-rings on the small HP swivel. Using this tool prevents any damage to the new o-ring during installation.

    Step 1: Place the swivel on the base

    Step 2: Load the bullet tool with the size 003 o-rings

    Step 3: Place the loaded bullet tool over the swivel and slide down one o-ring on the swivel!

    18.99 + vat