O-ring Service kit for SF2 Rebreather

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O-Ring Service kit  for SF2  rebreather

  • NBR -EPDM Sh70 O-rings ( 28 pieces)
  • IR001 8.74mm X 1.78mm Adapter solenoid-double thread-one way valve  O-ring x 5pcs    
  • IR002  7.5mm x 1.5mm connection solenoid-ManAdd O-ring x 5pcs    
  • IR004 60mm x 3mm cover plate electronic O-ring x 1pcs 
  • IR005  154.94 mm x 5.33mm Head and mid part O-ring x 2pcs 
  • IR006  33mm x 2 mm Scrubber Canister  O-ring x 1pcs 
  • IR007  14mm x 2 mm ADV Port  O-ring x 1pcs 
  • IR008  32mm x 3 mm Loop head connection inhale O-ring x 1pcs 
  • IR009  33mm x 2 mm Loop head connection exhale O-ring x 1pcs 
  • IR013  20mm x 2mm Oxygen cell  O-ring x 3pcs
  • IR014  141mm x 2 mm cover plate electronic O-ring x 1pcs 
  • IR018  30mm x 2 mm sleeve exhale O-ring x 1pcs 
  • IR023  7mm x 1 mm solenoid adapter to solenoid  O-ring x 1pcs 
  • IR024  24mm x 2 mm mouthpiece roll BM middle/back O-ring x 2pcs 
  • IR025  34mm x 2mm mouthpiece roll BM left & right O-ring x 2pcs
  • IR010  2.5 mm x 2 mm roller side mouthpiece BM O-ring x 1pcs 

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