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O-rings for Ball valve BOV Shrimp EPDM 70Sh 24 X 2
May 11, 2018
Scuba O-rings NBR Sh70
Scuba O-Rings NBR 70Sh-209
July 3, 2018
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Scuba Diving O-Ring kit EPDM Sh70

23.95 + vat

Scuba Diving O-Ring kit EPDM Sh70

**Special Discount Price**
  • 100 EPDM O-rings of various sizes (10 each) 
  • Size AS 568 – 008,010,011,012,013,
  • 014,017,022,109,111
  • O-Ring Pick NOT included

In stock

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  • SG New kit for APEKS 2nd Stages as SGAP0219 *updated*

    SG Service kit for APEKS 2nd Stages as SGAP0219 with EPDM+Viton O-rings 

    New Updated kit EPDM-Viton
    Bulk discounts 
    -10% over 20 kits
    -15% over 30 kits
    -28% over 100 kits
    • Actual o-ring size chart included 
    • This O’ring kit covers the TX, ATX, XTX MTX-R and egress range of regulators, including T30, T50, T40D and T50D 
    • Part list :
    • As O’ring part no AP1267 x 2   EPDM
    • As O’ring part no AP1438 x 2   Viton
    • As O’ring part no AP1154 x 3   EPDM
    • As O’ring part no AP1409   EPDM
    • As O’ring part no AP2041  EPDM
    • As O’ring part no AP5711 Viton
    • As Seating part no AP2034 
    • As O’ring part no AP1159 EPDM 

    9.99 + vat