610 LPI. Low pressure Inflator Hose O-rings

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610 Low-Pressure Inflator hose bull clip O-ring for BCD’s NBR Sh70

  • Qty: 50 O-rings
  • NBR 70Sh 
  • For Bull clip inflator BCD hose 
  • ID X CS: 6,75 mm x 1,78

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  • This power inflator Fits the 1-inch inside diameter corrugated rubber hose found on most tech BC air cells including those from Dive Rite, Halcyon, Highland, HOG, Hollis, IST Dolphin, Light Monkey, OMS, OxyCheq, White Arrow, and many other brands
Bull clip LP Hose O-ring insert tool

Bull clip LP Hose O-ring insert Scuba Tool

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  • Bull clip O-ring insert tool of LP BC hose.LPI ** New improved version** 
  • Time saver tool. By using this tool the correct installation of the inner BCD hose o-ring is achieved.
  • With hand groves for better grip