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  • o-ring identification chart

    Actual Size Scuba O-ring Identification Working Mat -115 sizes

    29.00 + vat

    Scuba O-ring Identification Working Mat-115 sizes(Laminated poster with transparent plastic pad )

    This High resolution laminated O-ring identification chart with a silicone mat. Contains all Apeks, Scubapro, Mares, Dive Rite, Cressi Sub, Aqualung, Beuchat, JJ-CCR and dive computer o-rings (Oceanic, Aqualung, Suunto) as well as the most common o-rings used in scuba dive, like Tank neck, Tank valve, LP & HP Hose and BCD o-rings. Just place the poster under the transparent plastic mat and you have the perfect working area in your workshop.No need to look around to identify any o-ring. Is in front of your eyes all time.

    • Actual o-ring size chart size 35 x 65 cm
    • Transparent plastic working mat size  40 x 70cm

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  • Service kit for 1st Stages Dive Rite XT RG5100-RG5800

    19.99 + vat

    Service kit for Dive Rite XT RG5100 -RG5800   

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  • Dive rite service kit

    Service kit for 2nd Stages Dive Rite XT RG5200

    9.99 + vat

    Service kit for Dive Rite 2nd stages XT  

    Kit Content

    O-rings as part no 1255 x1

    O-ring 1275 x1

    O-ring 1258 x 1

    LP Seat x1

    Locknut  x1

    Orifice x1


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