O-Ring Tools

Tools for O-Ring replacement

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  • Internal O-ring tool set for Scubapro MK5, MK6, MK10

    Used to insert O-ring into the main body of 
    a Scubapro MK10 first stage.
    With this tools the job is done in a matter of seconds.
    Place 2 of the parts of this tool set on the top and 
    bottom of the first stage body and push the O-ring 
    into its place with the small rod of the tool set.
  • O-Ring pick tool


    Plastic Tool for o-ring removal

  • Scubapro DIN retaining knob O-ring installation bullet

    DIN retaining knobs have big and sharp threats and putting an O-ring over these threats most of the time damages the O-ring.By using this small bullet the job is done quick while  O-ring is still in perfect condition.
  • Scubapro MK20, MK21, MK25 bushing tool

    Some Scubapro first stages use a bushing arrangement to help the movement of the piston during diving.Installing these bushing rings and the small O-ringin-between them is made easy when you use this bushing tool.
  • Universal bullit for installing O-ring on piston

    This bullet will fit most common models of piston first stages. Below some examples:
    - Scubapro MK2
    - Aqualung Calypso
    - Mares R2s
    - Sherwood Brut
    - Cressi AC2
  • Universal HP and LP O-ring installation bullet set

    Regulator hoses also need new O-rings during service but due to sharp threats, many of these O-rings
    get damaged at the installation process.
    Using  this tool the O-rings stay in perfect shape,
    just place the tool over the hose and slide the O-ring in place.