Dual Balnced Drive Inline Adjusting Scuba Tool with SPG

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Dual in-line orifice adjusting tool Hex-Slotted with SPG

  • Tool for fine-tuning 2nd stage regulators
  • Fitting included

The Scuba Tools Dual Drive Inline Adjusting Tool is the ultimate inline adjusting tool in the market, boasting a host of exclusive features that cater to both new and older second-stage regulators with adjustable orifices. Let’s delve into its standout characteristics:

  1. Versatile Compatibility: The Dual Drive Adjusting Tool is ingeniously designed to accommodate both slotted and hex-broached orifices. The slotted drive bit aligns perfectly with all slotted orifices, including those found in Oceanic® and older models with a narrow drive slot (.034″). Meanwhile, the hex drive bit fits snugly into all 3/16″-5mm (.188-.197) broached orifices, thanks to its tapered design. Switching between slotted and hex drive is a breeze; simply reverse the fitting at the tool’s end, which seals internally and requires no additional tools for the conversion.
  2. Pneumatic Balance: The Dual Drive Adjusting Tool incorporates a “flow-through” spool design that equalizes air pressure between the hose and the second stage. This balance ensures effortless movement in both directions and maintains a stationary position at any setting. This feature eliminates the need for added hand pressure when adjusting the orifice, enhancing sensitivity and precision during adjustments.
  3. Deep Reach Capability: For certain second-stage regulators like AquaLung Arctic, Genesis Sidekick, and Oceanic Inline Slimline, the knurled knob can be shifted off-center. This adjustment allows the slotted drive end of the tool to reach deeper orifices when required, although it’s rarely needed.
  4. Optional IP Gauge: The Dual Drive Adjusting Tool offers an optional IP gauge assembly that replaces the standard reversing fitting. This design ensures that the gauge consistently remains at the end of the tool away from the second stage, even when converting between slotted and hex drive configurations. An included friction o-ring facilitates gauge orientation after tool installation.
  5. Replaceable Threaded Ends: The tool’s chrome-plated brass ends can be easily replaced at a low cost should the internal threads wear out due to prolonged use over the years.

In summary, the Scuba Tools Dual Drive Inline Adjusting Tool distinguishes itself with its versatile compatibility, pneumatic balance, deep reach capability, optional IP gauge, and replaceable threaded ends, making it a superior choice in the world of inline adjusting tools for scuba enthusiasts.

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