Scuba Service Tools

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  • Universal Scuba Service Tool Set

    139.99 + vat

    Universal Scuba Service Tool Set (14 pieces) 

    Value Pack
    • This scuba service tool set contain the most common service tools needed  during scuba gear service operations.

    Contain the following tools and parts:

    1. Universal 1st stage Holder. Threads – LP with 3/8 UNF , HP  7/16 UNF.
    2. Poppet 2nd stage installation tool 
    3. BCD Power Inflator Tool. 
    4. Bull clip O-ring installation tool of LP BCD hose with 10 x 610 O-rings. 
    5. Poly-carbonate O-ring pick Tool
    6. Schrader valve stem tool for BCD with 2 valves
    7. DIN retaining knob O-ring installation bullet tool
    8. Scuba Lubricant for Air applications 40 gr – 1.4 Oz
    9. Universal bullet for installing O-ring on piston
    10. Universal DIN retainer tool
    11. Universal HP and LP O-ring installation bullet tool set (2 pcs)
    12. Universal HP swivel O-ring installation assist tool set
    13. Universal Orifice seat extraction tool
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  • Universal Scuba Tool for Balanced 2nd Stage Poppet Installation

    14.99 + vat

    Scuba Tool for Balanced 2nd Stage Poppet Installation

    Universal tool: Apeks, Aqualung, Scubapro, Cressi, Sherwood and many more

    A foolproof- easy way of installing  poppet into barrel of a balanced 2nd stage.

    Place the fins of the poppet into the grooves of the tool, guide the tool inside the barrel, retract the tool and you are done!

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