O-Ring Tools & Parts

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  • Teflon washer for M 25 x 2

    • Teflon Washer 
    • 6.3mm x 11.2mm thickness 1.7mm
    • Used For Polaris M 25 x 2 Valves 
  • Universal bullit for installing O-ring on piston

    This bullet will fit most common models of piston first stages. Below some examples:
    - Scubapro MK2
    - Aqualung Calypso
    - Mares R2s
    - Sherwood Brut
    - Cressi AC2
  • Universal HP and LP O-ring installation bullet set

    Regulator hoses also need new O-rings during service but due to sharp threats, many of these O-rings
    get damaged at the installation process.
    Using  this tool the O-rings stay in perfect shape,
    just place the tool over the hose and slide the O-ring in place.
  • Universal HP swivel O-ring installation assist tool

    The HP swivel is a tiny part and most of the time it is difficult to put O-rings on the small HP swivel.By using this tools the work gets done in a matter of seconds.
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